Giving children candy


Giving children candy is ethically questionable.

Whether it's ethical to give children candy depends on the circumstances during which the children are given the candy.

Giving children candy in any situation could be unethical because:

  • Children don't fully understand the health ramifications of eating candy.
  • Giving children too much candy can make them addicted to it.
  • Excess consumption of candy leads to diabetes and obesity, two of the leading causes of death in the United States.
  • Buying candy profits large food corporations which lobby the government

Giving children candy as praise could be unethical because:

  • It teaches them that candy is a proper reward for good work or behavior
  • It teaches that good work or behavior deserves reward

Giving children candy before a nutritious dinner could be unethical because:

  • The child will eat less nutritious food during dinner

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